Saturday, August 14, 2010

"Night Runs", or, "Here is where I start to talk about California"

I run in the morning in New York. I like to go early, shower, and start my day. I like to not have to schedule around a run. But, most importantly, it's too hot to run in the evening. The city absorbs heat, and after absorbing it alllllllllll day, it radiates it by evening. Even the park, my beloved Prospect Park, practically has those cartoon heat waves coming from the paved paths.

But, I remember loving night runs. And, I couldn't exactly figure out the disconnect until I went for one tonight.

I love night runs in California.

In the suburbs, where the breeze from the ocean reaches and sweeps the memory of the day's sun away. Where I leave the house not because I have to get a run in, but, because I can't stand not being out in the night a moment longer.

And then I run and run, and, maybe it's being in California again, or maybe it's the first night run in a while, but somehow, I feel ten feet tall with a stride is as long as this state itself.


  1. sounds like i need to run in california because north carolina just isn't doing it for me.
    all i think about when i run is how much better it is to run in washington or brooklyn or... or washington.
    i am going to the beach next week and i am going to run there and i hope that i love it as much as i think i will.

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