Friday, September 24, 2010

Ask yourself if you really want to read this

Last night I was reading at the desk after James fell asleep, and in his sleep, he made a gun of his fingers and the "pew pew" laser gun noise in my direction.

This weekend James and I are location scouting for our next little project. This morning James talked about making breakfast, because, for our anniversary, I got him Star Wars shaped pancake molds. But, I suspect we will end up stopping for breakfast.

I really ought to be doing homework, but, instead, I'm thinking of Annie about to run the best race ever, and feeling slightly envious. Oh, forget it, totally envious. I keep having these daydreams where someone has to drop out, and the team needs someone, and I get the call. I pack up my running gear (which, in this daydream is clean and ready to go, which is the exact opposite of reality) and head to Maryland, where I met up with the team. At the end of the race they may or may not carry me around on their shoulders.

I write things to accomplish in my moleskine weekly planner, and check them off as I do them. As of right now, all the unimportant or really easy things (mail letters, deposit money, run) are checked off, and the things that actually need to be accomplished (financial aid, shakespeare essay) are not.

I loaned my copy of The Hunger Games to a friend, and she just emailed me to thank me for hijacking her life. I told her she was welcome. This, and a conversation with a friend about that Franz Kafka quote have brought The Hunger Games back to the forefront of my mind. I feel complicated about this.

These photos? They're of a sleepover party I went to a couple of weekends ago. Yes, that is the Manhattan skyline in the background. Actually, it was Friday, Sept. 10th to the 11th, and, to commemerate the 11th, they had spotlights at Ground Zero. The night was overcast, and the light reached to and past, into the cloud cover.

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