Monday, September 13, 2010

The Autumn of my Discontent, or, Summer is Over

There's no getting around it. Summer's over.

Oh, maybe not if you live in California, or some other land of endless summer, but, here on the East coast, fall has arrived. I'm not going to pretend I'm not sad, or yap about how I'm looking forward to scarves (which make my hair tangled), or tights (oh, great, another layer), or boots (what about flip-flop boots?). Don't even get me started on soup.

We're going to skip all that, and just do a series , in no particular order, of Summer in Photos:

At the Met, early summer, with Annie and Margie.

Filming the 4th (upcoming) episode of Army Husbands, late summer.

James and JD, eating at the Red Hook food truck extravaganza.
That waffle that James is holding actually belonged to JD. Early summer.

A little tattoo before the movie. I kept this for about three days afterward. Late June.

Filming the 3rd episode of Army Husbands in Queens. Mid-Summer.

Coney Island, at night, with family, mid-Summer.

Ed-icures with Annie. Late June.

Tacos in Red Hook, mid-Summer.

The Donut Plant on the Lower East Side with Family. Mid-summer. That's a blueberry donut Annie's holding.

Humble Pie with the gals, just before the Eclipse. Late June.

Rooftop Party, 4th of July.

Mockingjay Eve, late summer.
Magic, Jacob Rills Beach, NY. Mid-Summer.

Goodbye Summer. See you next year.

Fall, just be cool, okay?


  1. fall kicks summer's a, valerie.

  2. DANG! Lemme get a bite of that taco! I do like fall though. I'm tired of looking at all the Mamis and Papis half naked.