Monday, September 27, 2010

For Mom, don't read unless your name is Rosemary

These are hilariously small.

I got the whole alphabet. My friend Amber gave me ribbon to put them up, but I think I'd rather frame them. They're so great.

This is a little zippered pouch for wipes and a couple of diapers.

This is all from Sophie. She got it all at Acorn. I love that place.

I don't know if you can tell, but this bunny is really, really soft. Like Angora.

This is the quilt that Shiloh made. It's really lovely; it reminds me of summer.

My friend Renee made this kitty cat quilt. She loves cats, and so do I.

This is the dress my friend Sarah made. She's the RS President, and she said she didn't use a pattern, so she doesn't know when it'll fit. I love the whole thing, but I love love the back with the buttons.

This is the book that the shower was based upon. Annie gave me the book.

This book is from my friend, Shae. She said she chose it for the illustrations (which are great), but I also love nursery rhymes. Win-win.

This came with a panda rattle. It's nice and soft.

This is from my friend Scout. I thought it was a tunic, but it's a little dress. I think it'll fit around Christmastime, so . . . Just as long as it's not red or green velvet.

This quilt is from Shiloh's mom. She gave it to me when she was here for Shiloh's baby.

These are the bibs Annie made. She made 5.

She said she had left-over fabric so she got some terrycloth and made washcloths too.

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