Thursday, September 16, 2010

Me and Madge

I have a bike. Big surprise. I live in Brooklyn; they kick you out if you don't get one after a couple of years here.

Her name is Madge, she's a British bike, and, riding her around makes me feel like a young Jessica Fletcher.

She has a little trouble in 2nd gear, but otherwise she rides like a dream.


  1. LOVE the bike, LOVE the color, you need a basket.

  2. except when its raining, remember, the breaks.....

  3. I love Madge. I think Madge would really like me too. We should arrange a meeting. Hmmm.

    By the way, I have a dream. It involves you, me and running. We need to chat.

    Because I miss you. But I'm thrilled that you're getting even smarter.

  4. I'm no bike tech (not anymore at least) but i am a nerd. It looks like an internal 3-speed system. Usually, you can easily adjust the cable so that it shifts cleaner. If it is a Shimano system, down where the cable meets the pulley at the hub of the rear wheel is a casing that you can twist to make the cable tighter or looser. There is a notch where you can see a line that moves from one side to the other when you shift. Put the bike in second gear and twist the housing whichever way you need to in order to get the mark lined up in the center of the notch. That will put your gears in place. We should all have our gears in their proper place. Now you need a Brooklyn bike hat.