Monday, October 25, 2010

Best Friends with the King of Germany

James is in the Hamptons for three days. Sometimes he just has to get away from the city and get back to basics...aboard his yacht.

He's there for work, and he texted me today to tell me he was wasted on mai thais and had just become best friends with the King of Germany.

I only half believe him.

But, I'm not too lonely because Melissa and Jaden are staying with me, and they're good company.

if you could see the American Ballet Theatre (which I can, sorry the rest of you), what would you see:
Coppelia, which you've always wanted to see
Cinderella, which has an interestingly Art Deco production design
or, Swan Lake, which you've seen, but you think is just about the best thing ever?

Or, one more, The Lady of the Camellias, which you know nothing about, which is maybe a good enough reason to give it a try?

*this photo is of Hampton peaches James brought me last time he went. they were outrageous.


  1. Coppelia. Because you've always wanted to see it!

  2. Lady of the Camellias. Frederick Chopin piano score and a rip-off of the plot of La Boheme. One of my all time faves. Juicy, passionate, tragic. All the good things.