Friday, October 1, 2010

birthday stupor

It's my zip code.

When I asked James what it was supposed to mean, he looked confused by the question. "It's personalized," he finally said.

*This cupcake was from Ladybird Bakery, and it was filled with the most amazing custard. Honestly, I could eat one everyday.

**The essay under my cupcake is Barthes's Myth Today, and that diagram explains the 2nd-order semiological system, which I understand like the back of my freaking hand. If you would like me to explain it to you, I'd be happy to, but you have to know the first linguistic system. I'm not going back and explaining that to you. I mean, ugh, what are we, in 2nd grade?


  1. I want one.
    Happy Birthday, lady.
    I really do feel like a chump.
    But i will make it up to you one hundred fold in approximately one week.

  2. I want a zip code cupcake!
    Also, I gave you a blog award. You can figure out what that means on your own.