Monday, October 11, 2010

the fall, new york, pals, eating

This is a photograph of a feeling. Do you know what I mean? In this car were quite a few of my favorite friends, and that's a feeling you want to try to capture. James, Tyson, Andy, Annie, Shiloh (not pictured) to my right, and Pete to my left. This looks like a picture of people inside a minivan in the midst of Brooklyn traffic, but, what it actually is is much more important.

1.) Annie askeddemanded that we do all new things on this visit. New places, new restaurants, new experiences. She's never been apple picking, so, that was high on the list. We went on Saturday, and that was pretty much a hit.

2.) Shiloh mentioned that she saw a sign that discouraged people from eating apples as they picked, but, in the immortal words of Charlton Heston, they'd have to pry that apple out of my cold dead hand.

3.)I've gotten vaguely agoraphobic, and I sort of hate being around large groups of people just milling around, so, I insisted we walk far into the apple trees. We weren't completely alone, but, alone enough that when James started smashing apples to make Pete laugh, no one was around to look on scornfully.

4.) Oh, this happened. Don't bother pretending that you're not impressed. We are. Impressed. At our cleverness.
5.) On the way home from Newburg we listened to Stuff you Should Know about Jack the Ripper and deja vu. We stopped at Trader Joe's and things started to fall apart, so I put on Fleet Fox's Silver Dagger and that calmed everyone right the hell down.

p.s. For Carrie, what I ate on Friday:

a.m. 2 eggs, scrambled. wheat toast with butter. sparkling orange juice. mango. grapes.

p.m. pulled pork sandwich with purple cabbage, jalapeƱos, mustard on chiabatta roll (pictured). limonata. brioche cinnamon roll.

p.m. tomato basil soup with rice. sourdough bread.

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