Monday, October 18, 2010

Upstairs and Downstairs

I had a nightmare last night.

The kind that seems absurdly not scary when you look at the plot in the daytime, but, when you open your eyes in the dark at 4:32 am, seems completely terrifying. The kind where you just lay still still still in your bed with your eyes wide open until your brain begins to communicate to the rest of your body that it was just a dream, there is no danger.

I got up to stand at my window. The window looks onto 4th Avenue, and I stood watching people walking to the train. I watched through the plate glass of the bodega across the street as a man bought coffee and then walked out and crossed the street. I watched cars drive past and I unwound slowly to the sight of so many ordinary things.

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  1. You and James, both, writing incredible fragments of literature at present. Love the sense of place in this post. Concrete. Settled. Stable.