Tuesday, October 12, 2010

on Friday we had a weekend

Annie figured out that this fall is the 10 year anniversary of our friendship. That's a long time for friendship. Just long enough.

It started with a play, The Winter's Tale, in Rexburg, in a small black box theatre, standing backstage and drinking Horkley's and laughing and laughing.

And it led us here. To New York in October, to Brooklyn, to James's play at NYU, to Jack sitting down in the middle of the crosswalk, to the Cowgirl, to New Moon in Raleigh, to dance at City Center, to tooling around in minivans, to the subway in the middle of the night, to t-shirts. I don't know, it led us here.

Friendship is like a disjointed train of thought. If you really try, you can follow it back to its point of origin, but, it's wise to not overthink it; to just let it take you where it takes you.

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