Tuesday, October 26, 2010

questions to ask when you're buying a horse

Did I ever tell you:

1. That the New York City marathon runs right outside my window? That we're on the route, early, mile 6 or 8?

2. That the movie Hello Dolly was filmed in Garrison, NY, which is also where we are filming our secret project?

3. That this summer I took myself on a date to see Don Quixote at ABT? And it was one of the most exciting theatrical events I've ever seen?

4. That I like Newman-Os better than Oreos?

5. That I hate leggings?

6. That I run across the Brooklyn Bridge on a fairly regular basis (twice a month)?

7. That my first improv teacher in New York just requested to be my friend on Facebook, and I kind of freaked out? Also, that James and I saw our most recent improv teacher at Prospect Park on Saturday and we stood about 20 feet from him debating walking over and saying hi?

8. That I watch two movies over and over as I putter around my apartment: Clue and So, I Married an Ax Murderer.

9. That despite loving Community last season, I've yet to watch an episode this season? And that I've only seen the season premiere of 30Rock? And that I keep telling James that watching these shows are non-essentials? And that it's driving James crazy?

10. That my current interest (though not my loyalty) has switched from TAL to Stuff you Should Know? And that I actually got a little sick while listening to the podcast about crime scene clean-up? And that I listened to that one while I ate breakfast?

11. That every time I eat a banana in James's company I throw the peel on the floor between us and ask him to walk over to me?

12. That I haven't had caffeine (coca-cola) in 48 days?

1 comment:

  1. 10. I LOVE Stuff You Should Know. But I haven't been keeping up with it recently. Any recommendations?

    11. This made me LOL. :)