Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What do you say, old lady?

So, my friend Rachel* says that she lives the life of an 80 year old (knitting, watching bbc movies, going to bed early), but, I say, Rachel, you are not the only one who can lay claim to that advanced age.

I, for example, have a podiatrist. As in, my podiatrist wants me to get custom orthadics (which he does). I've been seeing him for a few weeks.

And, I'll tell you, I love it. Because, I have a sports related injury. Like an Olympian. Which is what I pretend I am when I go in to get my cortisone shots which make my heel and my arch and my whole foot feel soooooooo much better. His name is Dr. Levy, and I think he's a genius (I will say the first time I walked into the office, I did not feel this way. I was certain I had made a big mistake and almost walked out. I was the youngest person there by...oh...a good 60 years, and the only person not wearing custom orthopedic shoes, and all I kept thinking was, I should have found a sports medicine guy).

Dr. Levy also makes me these little splints (pictured) which I love with my whole heart. I'm most often barefoot anyway, and these splints are like coming home to homemade macaroni and cheese...but on my foot. I'm trying to say they're comfortable.

In any case, Rachel, just get used to having a little competition, lady.

*Rachel is currently living a very exciting life as an ex-pat. Check out her blog and follow her adventures/hijinks.


  1. I say the more the merrier in the 80 year old club. If the muumuu fits...

  2. Find me an 80yo with that turquoise toenail polish!

  3. you have weird toes...and i love you even more for it!