Tuesday, November 2, 2010

At Least I Survived the Weekend

This title is intentionally misleading. This weekend was great, and more or less easy. You don't want to hear about it? Then navigate away:

Saturday: In our ward (church) there's a little thing called the 11th Annual Park Slope Chili and Pie Cook-off, and it's a pretty big deal. James and I were a ventriloquist and his dummy (we tried it the other way around, but, I couldn't handle James sitting on my knee) and we hosted the event. We did the classics ("you're the dummy" "no, you're the dummy") which culminated in me singing "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean" while James drank a glass of water.

Also Saturday, I rushed from the Best Buy in SoHo to the East Village, via the F train, which skipped my stop, making me hella-late. I vaulted out of the subway in just enough time to realize I'd never make it to Bank Street on time on foot, and I caught a cab (like a pro, by the way. we don't often take cabs--well, we never take cabs, what am I a Rockefeller?--so, it was encouraging that I was capable of hailing one). He drove me the (less than a) mile and I sprinted the last two blocks to see my pal Jeff Gonzales in The Adding Machine (a play). And he was mind-blowing.

Also Saturday, I got a new computer. My first ever. And she's beautiful. And has finger-print recognition so whenever I log on I feel like I'm in the CIA. Which, if their only qualification was being awesome, I would be.

On Sunday, it was a different story. James and I didn't really stock up on candy, which was pretty dispiriting, but, to make up for it, we ate all the candy we did have.

We ate it while we watched Babies (hilarious) and Love Story (pretty awesome, actually). We really liked Love Story, and have decided to dress like Ali McGraw and Ryan O'Neal all winter (while they're at Radcliffe and Harvard, respectively, not after they get all poor and bell-bottom-y).

After I looked askance at James's two jacket combination, he called me "puffy-vest" like an insult, and then we walked over to Tyson's.

At Tyson's we watched the premiere of The Walking Dead, which was pretty spooky. That's not the right word, not by a long shot, but, it was great. Scary, but great. Tyson turned off all the lights, and when I had to go the bathroom mid-show, I insisted on turning every one of them back on.

I was sure I'd be haunted by half-eaten zombies in my dreams for a week, but, I can report that I have been zombie free.

We're shooting our secret project this weekend. Things are falling into place, and, ever the skeptic, I keep waiting for everything to fall apart. Ugh. Knock on wood.

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