Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I did it because Martha Graham told me to

I wanted, and because I wanted, I did.
-Martha Graham

And, I did. Last weekend. Small crew, smaller budget, smallest temperatures. Big event. I can't even tell you how cold it was. Astonishingly.

Also, I can't tell you how exciting it was. Astonishingly.


  1. these pictures are great. really great.
    i like the last one the best though.
    because... well, i just do.

  2. So Brant didn't really leave us for PA did he? No. He left us for some small-town flick.

    The above hostility is because we all miss Brant here.

  3. Looks like you found the world's smallest telephone booth. I tried to imagine myself fitting in that thing, and it was not pretty.

  4. i didn't know Brantley was involved....huzzah, I also like these pics,.... that's what they call pictures in the biz, or business to those also not in the biz.

  5. Annie, thanks. I like that one too.

    Carrie, I didn't realize that in rexburg you considered New York a "small town". Interesting.

    Rachel, I think that photo is making it look smaller than it is. Like trick photography. Though, I didn't actually try to get in it.

    Shiloh, I didn't tell you that Brant was coming because I know how much you hate that guy. And, I knew what you meant by "the biz", because I'm in the biz.

  6. Val. Every town outside of Rexburg is small town. You should know this.