Saturday, November 13, 2010

I don't argue when there's real disagreement


pen: the pilot G2

pencil: the old #2

place to hold pencil: inserted into hair at base of ponytail

time: 6:00 am (so much possibility)

food: tacos

smell: orange blossoms

holiday season: right now. just before thanksgiving, before things get busy, when you can feel everyone gearing up, putting up decorations, thinking about how this year is going to be the best year ever.

new writer: a toss up between Grace Paley and Donald Barthelme (obviously, I mean new to me).

ice cream: pass.

chain restaurant: toss up between red robin and pei wei

non-chain restaurant: the cowgirl (west village) or Joey's BBQ (chino)

hamburger: in-n-out

ride at disneyland: space mountain

shoe: all stars

bill bryson book: the mother tongue

math activity: subtracting (in my head)

office supply: double sided tape

jeans: right now, gap's long and lean

napkin: cloth

punctuation mark: the semicolon

*this photo is from a location scouting trip James and I went on in preparation for our secret project. we did not use this location.


  1. pen: Micron .05mm
    pencil: H or F
    place to hold pencil: in my right hand (awkwardly according to all my art friends.)
    time: 9:25 am ( just that time I always wake up at)
    food: Tacos
    smell: Lilacs
    holiday season: I'm not sure, I don't celebrate holidays very well.
    new writer: Theodore Roosevelt ( his autobiography is awesome)
    ice cream: also pass, give me lime or pear sorbet.
    chain restaurant: Long John Silvers, ( don't tell anyone though)
    non-chain restaurant:Ming Dynasty.
    hamburger: The Snakebite in Idaho Falls.
    ride at disneyland: space mountain
    shoe: my penguins
    bill bryson book: A Short History of Everything.
    math activity: addition
    office supply: post it notes
    jeans: Lucky Brand.
    napkin: cloth
    punctuation mark: quotation mark

  2. *a short History of Nearly everything.

  3. Hamburger - the "Kitchen Sink" at Sunshine Cafe in Grand Cayman. I will send you a picture :)

  4. Pen: Uniball Vision Micro

    Pencil: None, I hate them

    Place to Hold Pencil: in my right pocket (all my pants have a wear pattern in this location)

    Time: 10:58 am (a little downtime at work, amazing)

    Food: spicy chinese food

    Smell: fresh laundered clothes
    Holiday Season: Halloween (candy and costumes, the best!)

    new writer: William Stafford, I had read his stuff a little before but never knew I had such an affinity for his stuff

    Chain Restaurant: Five Guys makes me happy, and Chipotle

    Non-Chain Restaurant: Willy's Dogs (Park Slope) and Blue Marble Ice Cream (Boerum Hill)

    Hamburger: Island Burger (Clinton)

    Ride at DisneyWORLD: Space Mountain

    Shoe: All Stars

    Bill Bryson Book: Short History of Nearly Everything

    Math Activity: None, because they're the worst

    Office Supply: new stapler

    Jeans: Lucky Brand

    Napkin: Bathroom napkin (I like the coarse feel, I know it's weird)

    Punctuation Mark: colon