Friday, November 26, 2010

Trypto-Fun Trampler 2010

Thankgiving Day. 8:30 start.

Brooklyn start, Manhattan Bridge, through Chinatown, across the Brooklyn Bridge.

We met a guy at the entrance to the bridge. He didn't know how to get onto the running path. James told him to follow us, and suddenly our race had one more runner.

This is Elizabeth booking it across the Manhattan Bridge. It was perfect weather for a Thanksgiving run. Cool and overcast, with none of the rain that plagued us the rest of the day.

This is a brief pause in Chinatown as we considered getting mid-race Thanksgiving dumplings.

Downtown Manhattan, right by the Brooklyn Bridge, is arguably the most beautiful part of the city. There's not much there except for government buildings, so I don't think many people find their way down there. As passed the courthouse, I knew someone had to climb those steps, Rocky-like. James volunteered. Not to be outdone, Micah ran up after him.

Post race there was water, donut muffins (which I wiiiiiiiiiiiish I had one of today), spiced apple cider, and amazing homemade granola bars. All the runners stood around talking and eating and half-heartedly stretching until we were too cold to hold our muffins.

It was a blast. James loves hanging out with people more than he than he's ambivalent about running, so he loooooooooves racing. Also, he always looks great in post-race photos. I think he likes that.

Trypto-Fun Trampler 2010 was a HUGE success.

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