Thursday, November 25, 2010

When you think of Thanksgiving, you think of me

1. I helped organize a Thanksgiving Day run, and I placed 2nd. It's my first big win.

2. Tyson made the most amazing duet of cranberry sauces. I didn't even break out the Ocean Spray jelly I bought yesterday as back up.

3. Aaron made the most beautiful turkey I've ever seen outside of a magazine. He even got those little chef hats that go on the turkey legs. I've never seen those outside of a cartoon.

4. I once told Caitlin that I thought pumpkin pie was the saddest of pies. She's never let me forget that. She did, however, make an excellent pumpkin pie.

5. I made grown-up mac and cheese, which had liberal amounts of gruyere cheese. Gruyere cheese smells like a bum on a subway when it's being baked. Be aware.

6. You know that crumbly stuff on the top of apple pie/apple crisp? That oat-y, buttery, brown sugary business? Isn't that the best? Well done, Candace. Well done.

*I'm grateful to live in a country with easy access to vacuums.
*I'm grateful that my plants haven't died even though I've totally ignored them for the last two months.
* I'm grateful for laws that preclude 16 year olds from piercing their tongue without parental consent. Ugh, how embarrassing would that be now?

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