Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Bronco at My Neck, and Writing a Check to Mayor McCheese

Turtleneck and Sweater party, that's what.

It was partly to talk improv, mostly to eat cheese you can squeeze from a can. My mom used to buy this cheese whenever we went on car trips to Utah. Try as I might, I could not find Chicken in a Biscuit crackers. The squeeze cheese is still good (it's cheese from a can, what's not to like), but maybe not as good without them.

We took a day trip to Brant's in Pennsylvania, and he commented that there's something really wonderful about being in a room full of people who really know you.

Oh, which brings us to this. It started as a joke, with just an oatmeal cookie and squeeze cheese, then Andy said, Oh, we can do better than that. Then it became this: Count Chocula, squeeze cheese, oatmeal chip-a-hoy, guacamole, sugar cookie. JD ate the whole thing. He said it was alright, the different flavors went to different parts of his tongue. He seemed to chew it for a really long time, and he must have gotten the marshmallow from the Count Chocula last, because he said that was the gross part.

Shiloh and I have spend years perfecting the arm shelf. Obviously.

Andy's reading David Copperfield here. I mean, he's not really reading it, and I'd make a joke about it, but just after this photo was taken Shiloh, Andy, and I drifted back into the living room and had a enthusiastic discussion about Wuthering Heights, so, a joke about Andy's illiteracy seems somehow unseemly.

I think this will be our last party of the Christmas season. Unless you count our party to see Tron next weekend. Or my parents Chanukah party. If you count those, I guess we're not done.


  1. Cheese in a can is the greatest fake food on the market. Come to my parent's house on New Years Day and see the assortment we pull out.

    Also, I think we need to plan the great Knecht/Appel Summit of '010 - you know, to get the necessary permits and police escorts. When will you be in town?

  2. apparently you liked the first photo so much, you posted it twice, like double mint gum...but double the creepiness, not double the tasteness

  3. Oh, no Shiloh, there are difference. Subtle, subtle differences. Look, for example, at the directionality of James's thumb.

  4. There's some great differences. Look at Andy's face in the second one. It gets more outrageous.

    And I'm still amazed JD ate that. He has a gag reflex unsurpassed by even the tongueless.