Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas in California, Part I

My mom tells me this ornament is from the first Christmas she and my dad spent together, just after they were married. It is from The Egg in the Eye, which sounds like the coolest place ever. It had a restaurant that served omelettes on the 2nd floor, and a craft boutique on the 1st.
This is called scherenschnitte, and it's lovely. My mom did a bunch of them years ago. I thought they were magical then, and I still think they're magical now. My dad says she missed her calling as a surgeon. She's got a real steady hand.

This is an ornament my sister Annie made in 4th grade. All out of pasta. Pretty impressive, right?

My brother made this. It's a gingerbread castle. Well, a graham cracker castle, anyway. He's always been a bit of an overachiever in this way. Not in an obnoxious, competitive way. But in a focused, really impressive way. Two summers ago we had a sandcastle building castle contest at the beach, and while the rest of us dug big holes and used buckets as molds, James built an Aztec temple. With a staircase.

Christmas in California is pretty jolly.

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  1. Such preparation for Christmas creates a truly festive atmosphere. Literally every element has a special significance in this.