Monday, December 20, 2010

I'll put it above my Thomas Kinkade painting

Okay, imagine this. You're married, and like all married people*, you get into a little tiff. Say it was about something innocuous. Like leaving the bathroom door open even though open it takes up roughly half your apartment. And say you're both tired and touchy and one of you didn't go for a run that day, and suddenly this conversation about the bathroom door becomes a wholesale evaluation of your entire relationship**, and at some point you stop because you're like, this is lame. So you go to bed, because that's the only reasonable thing to do. Can you imagine anything more annoying at that moment than seeing this quote staring you in the face?

I can't think of anything.

Except maybe this:

images from here

*give me a break, if you say otherwise you're just a liar
**this is not actually a fight I've had with James (yet). Though, I did cook up a very likely scenario.


  1. looks like i will be returning your gift...

  2. ugh, annie. Don't return them. We'll just switch the letters around until it spells a swear.

  3. "All because two people fell in blah blah blah." I hate Rexburg sometimes. The whole damn culture's a Thomas Kinkade painting.

  4. I don't remember sending in that picture of our bedroom.

    Never go to bed angry, Valerie. That's what I say, and I can't go to bed angry with such wisdom hanging over my head.

    It's truth.

  5. It is really a very important topic in the family relations. I think that even such an innocent conversation can mean something for both honeymooners.