Monday, December 27, 2010

My Sister Tells me I'd be a Mean Drunk*, and other Christmas Tales

1. Could it be said that there's no room for unhappiness when it's December and 68 degrees out? Maybe.
a. the existing happiness quotient is multiplied by a zillion with the addition of a giant coke.

2. When we got to California, the fun of Christmas was already in full swing, which is how I happened to be up at 1:30 am on Christmas Eve. This isn't how I like it, because I like to go to bed without anything under the tree, and then wake up surprised at the bounty Santa Claus has left.

3. Allow me to offer you a tip: if you get a chance to take my niece, Sadie, to the dollar store in search of gifts for her brother and sister, take that chance. You will shell out $8 for items of dubious quality, but you will be paid back in cuteness dividends.

4. Even though Silvia called Eclipse a "middle movie", our late night hall conversation about The Hunger Games, literacy, and good writing more than made up for it.

5. James might be right: you really can never have too many fake mustaches.

6. I've doubted at times, but I am living proof: jet lag is a real thing.

7. Tomorrow the high in Brooklyn is 23 degrees. In California it is 68.

*this is true. At dinner on Christmas day, my sister, Silvia, said, quite casually, that she thought I'd be a mean drunk. I don't exactly disagree, but, I'll tell you, I was surprised to hear it.


  1. I just got back from California this weekend and I'm missing it already... No In-n-Out this trip, but we did get Patty's. :)

  2. as i've puttered around doing laundry and cleaning, i keep wondering what all of you are doing today. I don't like feeling like i'm missing out on fun.
    How come you have to mention that i'm your OLDER sister, was that really relevant?

  3. Liesl, I have specific demands every time I come to california. This time, it's Patty's. it must happen.

    Silvia, if by fun you mean sitting around in my running clothes until 2 pm watching My Fair Wedding on the wedding channel and watching mom iron, then yeah, you missed out.
    Also, consider the sister comment amended.
    Also, I really do consider sitting around watching my fair wedding and watching mom iron fun. just for the record.

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