Monday, January 10, 2011

2010, a book report (writ small)

1. I read Gilead. I am breathless.
2. I read The Hunger Games. I call it brutal magic.
3. I read When You Reach Me. I want everyone to read it.
4. I read "Me and Miss Mandible". I read it aloud to everyone.
5. I start Gone with the Wind. I resolve to finish it in 2011. Maybe 2012.
6. I read 3 Babysitters Club books over Christmas vacation. Fact: They still hold up.
7. I read Antony and Cleopatra. Have you read this? I hadn't. It's craaaaaaazy.
8. I read Raymond Carver. I roll my eyes. A lot. The 50s sound like they were a big downer.
9. I read Jane Eyre for the second time. I love it for the first time.


  1. So glad to hear you are converted to Jane Eyre. Did Thursday Next have anything to do with the change of heart?

  2. Just so you know, calling Hunger Games "brutal magic" was the best way to describe the series. Because by the end, I felt like I was beat up and left at a curb to die.
    But I loved it BECAUSE I felt so much. Brutal magic it is.

  3. This post made me feel several things - but mostly just annoyance that my local library isn't open on Mondays.

    Also, I would like to put together some sort of think tank to discuss the phenomena of "brutal magic".

    And, again, also, ever since I was a kid I have imagined think tanks quite literally. Meaning I envision smart people in glasses and suits sitting inside giant tanks. Not fish tanks but tanks from breweries that you see in Strange Brew or the opening of Laverne and Shirley.

  4. Hearing that someone I love loved "Giliad" makes me want to sing. Amazing book.

    I'm reading "The Swan Thieves" now. Loving it. (Kostova - same author as "The Historian" which you must pick up if you have not already.)

    Yay, books.

  5. Marta, I'm sure Thursday Next had something to do with my change of heart. On an unconscious level.

    Carrie, I agree; that experience was difficult to articulate.

    Rachel, I would give a churro at costco away to be in a think tank with you, dedicated to specifically describing how books make us feel.

    Ana, Gilead was...astounding. I'm glad you felt the same way, too. I haven't read The Swan Thieves, but, if it's mentioned in the same breath as Gilead...

  6. I had a student ask me the other day if i knew of any books she would like. I told her to read The Babysitters Club. She is really enjoying them.

    A forever classic.