Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Candied Lime in East LA

When I go to California, I don't ever go looking to accomplish a lot. But, I always seem to. I mean, your version of accomplishment may differ a little from mine. Example: eating a pretzel at the mall with my sister: Accomplished. Hiking with my brother: Accomplished. Eating at In-n-Out: Accomplished. Finishing the quilt I started last summer: hey, just back off. i was on vacation, okay?

Another of our vacation accomplishments was taking the gold line train to East LA to hit up the Mexican mall.

The fruits of our labor were myriad. James got a realistic looking prop gun for $6, I got dulce de leche, which we ate over ice cream and brownies on New Year's Eve, and this candied lime. My mom translated (she's fluent, but really coy about it) the lady's instruction to eat the whole thing, peel and all. I was dubious, but, seriously, if you ever come across a lime stuffed with coconut, do us both a favor and eat it with the peel. It's amazing.

Maybe at this point you're thinking, is this whole post about a candied lime? Really?

Maybe it is, maybe it's not. Consider this a post about vacation accomplishments: rocket launches in the park to late night milkshakes from in-n-out.

Vacation: Accomplished.

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  1. I wish I had a candied lime right now. I also wish I had purchased more fake guns. I could have had a fake arsenal.