Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hello Baby

I threw a little shower for a friend last weekend, and this is what it looked like.

(just imagine yogurt in those bowls [yogurt bar])

My friend, Shae, made an excellent point about the mini muffin. About how they're a lot less intimidating than a whole muffin. She was right, the mini muffins went like hotcakes, where the regular sized moved a lot more slowly. As for me, I like my muffins mini or giant. No in between.

That same friend and I were standing in the kitchen at some point, talking about Fishs Eddy, one of my very favorite stores. Another friend mentioned that she'd heard they were closing, and both Shae and I, as one, gasped and drew our hands to our throats, like we'd just heard of the terminal illness of a friend. Robin, the friend bearing bad news, looked surprised, and quickly backpedaled, saying it was probably just a rumor.

It better be.


  1. I am totally impressed. Totally.

  2. Keep the non-fat Vanilla bowl empty. It's more humane. And you should have put a unmarked bowl of Miracle Whip next to the yogurt.
    "What's in this bowl?"
    "Is this YOUR baby shower?"
    "Then how about you lay off the inquisition? It's a yogurt bar, so why don't you sit in the circle, and stare at the bride with a saccharine grin and your head tilted to the side like you were invited here for? Okay?"

    Disclaimer: The above was a dramatization.
    Disclaimer: I have never actually attended a baby shower.
    Wise Advice: Don't eat something if listed among the ingredients is "meat" in quotation marks.

  3. CLOSING? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

    how can this be? for i am certain i at least singlehandedly keep them in business?? Say it aint so. :(

    Also: delightful shower. I meant to tell you. Very pretty. Very tasty. Kudos!

  4. Gasp! It damn well better be a rumor. what a horrible rumor to start.......fingers crossed its just a rumor, I am no sure what will become of me if it is true.

  5. Marta, thanks dude.

    Jesse, baby showers are NEVER anything but enchanting. this is why you have never been invited to a baby shower.

    Jen, ugh, I know. I will never forgive Eddy if they close. Never.

    Shiloh, you and me both, sister. Where am I supposed to go if I need tiny spoons? And I NEED tiny spoons.

  6. It's just a rumor! We're not going anywhere. In fact, we're expandng soon! ;) Come on in and visit!

    -Kristen (on behalf of Fish Eddy)

    P.S. GREAT blog!

  7. Kristen, that's a relief. And it's always nice to hear the facts from the horse's (fish's) mouth.