Sunday, January 2, 2011

I'd Use an Apostrophe if I Were You

Here's what I might suggest for New Year's Eve, if I were in the habit of telling you what to do:

hike. make it long-ish, 5 or 6 miles. make it a really exceptional day, weather-wise: blue, blue sky, cloudless, around 50 degrees. add friends and babies. don't shower beforehand (i don't know why i even have to mention that).
go further than you had anticipated, and then think in your head how that's an analogy for the closing of the year (roll your own eyes at this and be glad you didn't speak it out loud...also, secretly love your analogy).
don't test the waterproof-ness of running shoes by forging across puddles; you will be disappointed.
stop as often as possible to listen to the quiet buzz of power lines and nothing else.
basically, make your day look like an rei commercial.

follow by asian fusion food and a trip to costco.
then naps.

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