Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Runner

First of all, don't be a baby. This will be hard, because when you look outside your window, things do not look promising. But remember, you're not a baby.
Second, don't overdress. Notice the sun outside, and try think about what that's going to mean, a couple of miles in.
Apply sunscreen. Do this for health, but also because it kind of tricks your mind into thinking it might be summer. You know, like Antarctic summer. This trickery can be intensified by listening to summery music really loudly on your iPod (under your earmuffs). I would recommend Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros's "Home".
Pay attention while running. Sunscreen or not, it's a mess out there, so watch where you're going. When crossing from street to sidewalk, jump, if necessary, to avoid puddles, but also know that sometimes there's no avoiding the slush puddle. Suck it up and splash through. Look for the snow looks like brown sugar. Run on that. It's not icy or slushy, and is the most satisfying to run through.
Notice how many new muscles you're recruiting trying to keep your balance. Think of that when you cut your run a mile short.
Seriously, pay attention. As much as you'll want to, avoid getting into the zone. The "zone" on a day like today means only one thing: slipping, baby horse-like, legs out in every direction, in front of cars.
Ignore the wet socks when you get home. Stretch (a bit), and shower hot.

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  1. I was going to ask you about this. What do you wear? Your coat? Or other layers? Do your shoes dry by the next time you run? Do you wear those claw things on your shoes or anything? Do you run on the sidewalks or in the parks? Do you run in snow? I have resisted running outside because my normal paths are completely covered and I'm not sure they are safe because they are completely secluded.