Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What I left in California

Apart from my heart, that is. These shoes. A tragedy, I know. That's Annie's foot, up above, and mine below. There's the tiniest bit of a yellow sandal in the bottom of my photo that I did bring home from California. Because that's what I need. Sandals in January.

In New York.


  1. And where would we go with those sparkle shoes? We'd need to get fancier friends and I'd have to buy a smoking jacket and slick my hair back.

    Ugh, you can't make life decisions like that without consulting me! I don't even know if my hair slicks back.

  2. are you totally regreting not buying them? I am.

  3. James, I've just made some decisions about who we are. Well, who I am. I'm getting fancier, but I'm not taking you with me. See you 'round.

    Annie, I cannot even begin to tell you how painful these were. It wasn't even my toes; the sheer height pushed my ankle out at such a jutting angle...awful.

  4. I just sent away my two most painful pairs of shoes. Both were black dress shoes. I'm now in the market for sensible black dress shoes. Sensible! I'm almost 37, after all!

  5. all i can think of when i look at these shoes is pain. I mean look at the angle of your foot. yikes.

  6. I do love the yellow in them too but I'd rather be comfortable then look good and be in pain.

    -Zane of ontario honey