Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Every Mile is Two in Winter

I like these cold, gray, winter days. Days like these let you savor a bad mood.
-Bill Watterson


  1. Valerie, did you have a car in Rexburg? I'm trying to remember. Anyway I just want to say that winter is SOOOOOOO much better if you have a car. But living in a place where you have to walk during the winter has to be horrible. I just wanted to say that I enjoy many things about winter, but if I didn't have a car I would be surly and grumpy for all of these cold months.

  2. The funny thing about this picture is that you were standing in thigh deep snow. You were freezing your femurs off.

    It'll be 60 on Friiidaaaaay!

  3. It looks like you are looking at a snow covered version of the park where the Jets and Sharks begin experiencing territorial friction. Be careful of deceptively graceful front kicks.

  4. who took this photo, its pretty much amazing. I heart it.

  5. Mike, I had that little red carolla when I was single (I shared it with annie), and James and I drove his accord after we got married. I hear what you're saying, but unless the car you drive is like walking into late spring, I don't think that's the trick. What I've got is worse than that.

    James, I'll believe it when I see it.

    Jesse, duly noted. Thanks for the heads up.

    Allen, James took the photo, and I edited it. Thanks for the love.