Tuesday, March 29, 2011

new car

It's not ours, but it is a hybrid.

James drove me over to a friend's house to drop off dinner tonight (chicken enchiladas--the first real food I've made in months), and I got in and looked at him: iPod plugged in, low calorie Naked juice in one cup holder, aluminum water bottle in other, Blackberry on the console, and that noiseless hybrid engine, and I asked who in the world he had become.

He looked sort of scared and said that he didn't know.

As an update, I did march down to my neighbor's door yesterday. They weren't home. Or, at least, didn't answer. I'll do it again today, and then I'll leave a note. Apart from the fact that this is driving me crazy, I'm having guests this weekend, and I'd rather my apartment didn't smell like a State Line motel.


  1. I live in a different world now. I'm going to call myself Chad. My feet itch for ski boots.

  2. if you leave a note, make sure you cut the letters out of magazines to help make it as sinister as possible.

  3. Bring back the van james, its your only hope, plus I can't ride in your car without my own personal tv screen and your fancy chad-hybrid doesn't provide that necessity.