Tuesday, March 15, 2011

sister of mine

I was talking to my sister last week, and she mentioned the blog post I wrote about how I no longer cook. She didn't seem exactly concerned, only sort of baffled about what I could be eating without ever turning on the stove. I mentioned some spaghettios (best not to repeat it), and I think she did get a little concerned after that.

So, Silvia, to put you mind at east, here's what I've been eating:
(thanks to my enthusiastic record keeping, I can be exact)

Thursday, March 1o, 2011
greek yogurt
cheese (smoked gouda, my favorite)
everything bagel with cream cheese (this was lunch, compliments of James's job)
1/2 chinese chocolate drop cookie
pineapple (fresh--this isn't WWII)
granola bar (on the train home from school)
fruit loops
4 mile run (earlier in the day, between the yogurt and the gouda)

Friday, March 11, 2011
oatmeal (see, totally normal)
orange juice
pita chips
salad (James ordered it at work 03/10/11 and didn't eat it, so it came home to me)
toast (don't ask how, but it somehow took 3 tries to accomplish this)
pita chips
tacos (3, if you must know. I was in Manhattan with a friend, and it was about 1/2 a taco too many, but I didn't want to take 1/2 a taco home, so I just finished it, and then felt like I was going to die)
1/2 a big cookie (I ate half of this half before the tacos, which might have factored into the dying part)
4 mile run (earlier, before one of the pita chips)

So, that's it. Now you have a cross section of the whole story. How I've been existing without so much as putting something in the microwave. It's not that bad, really. And see, not a slice of pizza in sight.


  1. Noshing that's what it is. it's not as bad as i'd imagined, could be worse i guess. but watch out for all that pineapple. if you're planning on eating your way through a whole one by yourself, i see many canker sores in your future.

  2. I'm glad you're such a college student again with your eating. In fact, you are a college student again. Maybe this is the proper fuel needed for learning. You can't even help it.

  3. Silvia, I'll admit that first day does look a bit grazy, but that second day has 3 distinct meals. That's actually why I chose that day, instead of, say, Sunday, which had a lot more candy.

    James, I think you're on to something.

  4. I want to know how you eat a 4 mile run. If I could munch on it may be more possilble for me.