Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Winter's Bone

On Monday James and I went to a party (I know-party on a Monday? It was a surprise party, and it worked, I wasn't expecting it). We were asked to dress up as characters from a best picture Oscar nominated film. James and I like to keep it relevant, so we looked through this year's nominees.

I considered Leonardo Dicaprio and Mal from Inception, in that scene in the hotel, because that's nice and glamorous. I also though of us going as a dancer and choreographer from Black Swan. Then, I found it. The perfect fit.

Our costumes--which are dead on, by the way--are entirely derived from screen grabs I found on google images. James felt strongly that we should know nothing about the film, but his idea to just look cold and shiver a lot was underwhelming, so I broke down and watched the trailer just before we left. It was a good move. I thought I should look grim, but, after watching the trailer, I was sure of it.

So, that's what we're trying to do here. Look kind of Appalachian and morose. The weird look I have on my face is a study, as it's a cross between looking grim and laughing.

At the party I ate a mountain of grapes and mentioned I was looking for my pa as I stared desolately out from under my hat.


  1. Ha ha ha! YES. I approve of this. I want you to appear as these characters at every party I throw from now on.