Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Miss Artemis

Someone has a birthday coming up. This someone is James.

I've decided on a game plan for my garden this year. The key is simplicity. Tomatoes, cucumbers, jalapeƱos, and some flowers this year. I'm going to keep it easy, stake everything well, and, as always, hope for the best.

The weather is determinedly uncooperative. We keep getting these wonderful glimpses of real spring, and then the next day is rainy and cold. And please, if you have a mind to tell me that that is what "real spring" is--save it, sister.

Breakfast has become a trial for me. It used to be easy, now all I want to eat are Cadbury cream eggs. Maybe in omelette form.

James got home from work at 4:00 in the morning. I was up reading Rainbow Valley when he did, so I predict a low key weekend. It might include strawberries and a new laptop.

Our landlord is having some work done on our bathroom. One of my great failings is my difficulty seeing things as anything other than they are right then. When I look at the bathroom, I don't see a improved space with walls that don't peel their plaster and a ceiling that doesn't look threateningly like it's about to give out. I see a dusty mess that I can't shower in all weekend and that despite my sweeping - twice - last night, still feels gritty under my feet. I hate grit.

Our book club is reading the first 3 Anne of Green Gables books. We had originally chosen to read The Gift of Fear, which I think would start an important dialogue among us as female city dwellers, but, we chose that book in February, and it is a winter book, and I just couldn't countenance reading that in the spring, so I lobbied for the change. It's been well received. Now, as I lay in bed waiting to fall asleep, I lull myself by deciding what ladylike cake to make for the meeting.


  1. I agree that the Gift of Fear is a winter book. It's also a very good book. A little redundant, but good.

  2. Strawberry cake comes to mind. Remember Grandma's?

  3. Carrie, I haven't read it yet. Next winter.

    Ana, I like the way you think.