Wednesday, April 27, 2011

not exactly heartbreak hill

I think I was showing off for the camera. I usually don't smile like that while running, and my arms are way higher than usual.

This was the Queens 5k I did over Annie weekend. It was more picturesque than it looks here.

I am, however, still waiting for a photo of me with a long, beautiful stride. I guess I'll keep waiting (I think I was going faster than I look in this photo).

Hey, how many times do you think you can re-watch episodes of Seinfeld before it gets old? I'm thinking thousands. I'm a particular fan of Kenny Roger's Roasters episode (where Jerry and Kramer switch apartments and personalties). Mr. Marbles?


  1. I also love that one. Every time I think about Kramer, sitting in Jerry's bed, using his sheets as a napkin, and saying, "Kenny?" in a panicked voice, I laugh to myself.

    I think it will always be funny, even on the 1,0001st time.

  2. For me, it's Mr. Marbles that does it.

  3. I have yet to come close to being tired of them, so my guess is infinity.