Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What do we say in the event of a life?

It would be hard to say what I'm best at. I'm a really good smeller. I am good putting my keys in the same place every time. I'm pretty good at writing papers. I am also good at remembering things. Remembering moments. Which is actually pretty fortunate, because my camera was stolen.

From this eventful weekend, I will remember standing with James and Lori and Annie before my race, and Annie giving me some last minute race advice. She told me to win. I told her no problem.

I will remember walking toward Annie as she walked toward us at the end of her half marathon. I will remember her looking tired and holding a heat blanket and a bagel and a bottle of powerade like she didn't know what she was doing with any of it.

I will remember the Unisphere on the World's Fairgrounds in Queens, and how Anne and Lori posed with their medals from the race and their happy, relieved smiles.

I can still picture the way we all moved around the Superhero Supply Store, and Annie at the register, repeating the oath that she would only use her Time Travel for good, and not evil. I will remember walking through the secret entrance into the space where they tutor and do workshops and that looks exactly like a dream.

I will remember lucking out and getting the only table at Blue Marble ice cream, and sharing each others cones, thinking how nice it felt to sit down.

I will remember, better than any photograph, tooling around Times Square, and Kimmy saying she knew how ridiculous it all was, but that she couldn't help feeling drawn to it, and understanding exactly what she meant.

I will remember sitting in our living room with the girls and James and Andy, passing around my dearly missed laptop, as we tried to guess shows from the 80s from their theme songs. Andy was the obvious standout, guessing Alf within 8 seconds.

I will remember pedicures with Kimmy, and a cloudy walk through Brooklyn that everyone (including me) felt was too long. I will remember Chelsea market, and Pomme Frites, and the Tenement Museum, and the Donut Plant. I will always remember the waves of confusion I felt upon entering my apartment, while my brain tried desperately to make logical, safe sense of what I was seeing. I will remember hearing Annie vaguely, as if through water, calling James while I spoke to the police. I will remember us all leaning over, watching closely as a police officer dusted for fingerprints, all of us thinking how long we've wanted to see this in person. I will remember, for years and years, how glad I was that those girls were with me when I walked in. I will never forget that, because of them, I felt scared and confused, but not terrified. And I will always, always be grateful.


  1. First of all, WHOA. What happened?!

    Second of all, you are a really good writer.

  2. What an absolute nightmare. I'm so, so sorry. But I'm grateful that you're safe and had friends by your side.

  3. i can't even tell you how many times we collectively said how glad we were that we could be there with you at that moment.

    i also can't tell you how many times i thought about re-doing the conversation i had with james.
    i really could have done better.

  4. I'm glad you're all safe. I'm sorry about your camera, and whatever else those bums took. Crazy!

    I would totally freak out.

  5. you should booby trap your apartment but make it look incredibly alluring to creeps who like to take what isn't theirs. for instance, you could stack all your stuffed animals above a slightly opened door followed by a trail of diamonds, so when they open the door, they are pummeled by stuffed animals and are pinned until you get home, and then you can make a citizens arrest, and then we will all carry you on our shoulders for capturing a thief, who we will later find out stole my vintage blue bike the second week after we moved here. just an idea, I am brain storming here.