Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday, Monday

It has rained overnight, which has broken the humidity. We notice when we wake up feeling cool breezes through open windows as we all lay on top of our respective covers.

Refreshed from yesterday, we get up early and head out to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We are there early, before the holiday rush, and we've smuggled in bagels (from Bagel World), which we eat on the roof of the Met, overlooking all of Central Park in full bloom. We look at the Alexander McQueen exhibit in the Costume Institute, and the weaponry exhibit on the first floor. We finish with a quiet walk about the Temple of Dendur, an Egyptian relic set in the middle of an indoor reflecting pool.

You feel like you have one more museum in you, so we tromp across Central Park to burn away some of the museum stupor, and head into The American Museum of Natural History. I stand and look at the Teddy Roosevelt inscriptions on the wall as we wait to pay (we pay $1 at each of these places), because Roosevelt, despite his eccentricities (like naming a son Kermit), is one of my favorites.

We luck out, and arrive at a slow time, and we walk through the Hall of African Mammals essentially by ourselves. The Natural History Museum is huge and low lit and echo-y. We look at the cross section of a redwood that is thousands of years old, and the meteorite amongst all the museum's gemstones that weights 34 tons and is secured, not to the museum's foundation, but to the bedrock of Manhattan.

It's late for lunch, and we're starving, so we hop in a cab and head 30 blocks down to Lucky's for cheeseburgers, french fries, and a milkshake.

We're in the Broadway corridor, so we wander down to Times Square which is teeming with life, and thread our way to the TKTS booth, where we find cheap tickets to War Horse, which I highly recommend. The show isn't until 8, so we head back to Brooklyn for showers and an episode of Murder, She Wrote while we rest, then dinner at the new dumpling place around the corner from us (you get the chicken, shrimp, and cilantro dumplings and the pork belly bao (kind of a rice bread taco thing)--which you love).

We head up to Lincoln Center, which always feels classy, and enjoy three hours of a play more exciting, honest, and truly good than either of us have seen in a long time. I sneak in jelly bellies which we eat surreptitiously during intermission. After the play we are still wound up, so we find nearby Starbucks and drink hot chocolate in the mild night was we watch strangers dance to a live band in the courtyard at Lincoln Center.

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