Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Funday

Today we wake up and the weather is overcast. We are perturbed until the sun breaks through during breakfast of fruit loops and toast. We take the subway to church, quiet on a Sunday morning, and say hello to old friends if you've been here before, and meet people if you haven't.

After church we walk slowly (it's hot, there's no point in hurrying) around Carroll Gardens to look at the filming for Men in Black 3 (which none of us realized anyone thought of making). It is set in the 60s, and there are old Buicks and Pontiacs lining the streets. Also cranes, trailers, giant lights, cords that stretch for blocks, and gangs of teamsters getting paid $50 an hour. You say you'll never again watch a movie and wonder where the budget went.

We head home and nap in the warm afternoon, then gather our food together for a picnic in Prospect Park. Some friends are moving, and we're all gathering to say goodbye, but also to start off picnic season. We lounge in the park that is teeming with like-minded people, and stroll over to the Vail of Cashmere, which is in full bloom. We talk about Olmsted as we meander home (today is not a day of hurrying), and watch The Burbs before we all go to bed.

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  1. Do we know earlier in the day that we are going to watch The Burbs? That will make a significant difference in how many times I put James under citizens arrest.