Monday, May 23, 2011

Where you go to Forget the Horizon

We went camping again this weekend, which makes the 2nd time this spring, which may top our numbers for the past 5 springs. Combined. We went with friends Elizabeth and Kent, and went to Montauk, which, for those not in the know, is at the very, very tip of Long Island, NY.

And man alive, was it misty/foggy. See that hair? That stands as testament of the weather. There was no fix for this, except for maybe a shower, and there was no way that was going to happen. This is the problem when you are both a camper and a tourist -- there's no good middle ground. As a camper you just want to sleep in your jeans and never shower and only brush your teeth when you happen to be standing outside with your toothbrush and a bottle of water. As a tourist you want to not look homeless. It's a tough gap to bridge. So, I mostly decided not to try it. So, I sported this hair all around the Hamptons on Saturday. Most have the nerve to pull something like this in the privacy of their own homes. Few have what it takes to stroll around East Hampton like this. I am one of those few.

There are more pictures, like of my soft shell crab at dinner, and the overcast Montauk beaches (where we got a "warning" for parking in a completely empty lot without a permit -- eye roll), and lots of other stories to tell, like about the kindest lady at the Whalers's church, and yard sales, and the bitter rivalry of Anthony's Pancake House against Mr. John's Pancake house. But, those will have to wait, because I'm two pages in to a 12 page paper, and I can only justify so much procrastination. And it's winding up.

Ugh. Thursday, thursday thursday.


  1. hey that's where phoebe meets her real mom - in montauk.
    i really thought the pictures were a little fuzzy. but no that was your real, actual hair. i'm so sorry.

  2. hey wanda, nice hair. PS you didn't tell me you bought a rocking chair at the yard sale. That seems like something that should have been #1 on the list of things to tell when we saw you Sunday. Can't wait to see it, I won't be able to sleep a wink.