Wednesday, June 8, 2011

(not a) Hoarder

I bought a desk. It was a gift from myself to myself. For a successful completion of my first year of graduate school. And I bought a small bookcase. And then, chaos ensued. Seriously.

Look at this.

This is what I've been living in for three days. I told James not to come home last night. To just get a hotel and count his blessings. This is must be what living with (or as) a hoarder is like. No getting to the table to eat. No easy route to the bathroom. Filthy feet all the time. Ugh, it's gross. I'm inching closer to completion. Inching.

Most of this stuff, minus the bed and dresser, is destined for elsewhere. A stoop sale, the basement . . . just elsewhere. In the mean time, I'm eating a lot of watermelon and trying to muscle through.

p.s. I should also say that these photos were taken in the morning, after I had tidied up the night before. Photos of this disaster at its zenith do not exist. Just think of both of these photos, but with all the stuff pushed into the middle of the room.

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  1. I believe that what you are doing is called nesting. and your mess pales in comparison to my mess. AND mom and dad are coming tomorrow.