Thursday, June 2, 2011


Does weather ever feel like another place? It does to me. There's something about the quality of the wind and the exactness of the temperature that make me think of other places.

Today feels like Utah; like late summer vacations with my family to see our Uncle Mark and his family in their small Utah town. It feels like standing behind their house and looking down into the valley at the patchwork of fields. The wind today has blown away whatever makes Brooklyn smell like Brooklyn, and left just the clean smell of trees and warm earth.

It's been hot here. On the map, our area of the country is deep red, like it has a bad sunburn or is suffering from heat stroke. Yesterday was all Brooklyn--humidity and sticking to the couch and a popsicle and lots of ice. But today is Utah.


  1. I absolutely love that picture! Alot.

  2. Hey Friend. I like this post, and I know what you mean. Today has been weird. For a second this morning i forgot what season we were in and I thought it might have been late summer going into fall. The wind confuseth me. (<-- and i think that's why it feels like a Utah day)

  3. I wish you were in Utah today...