Tuesday, June 21, 2011

summer as a state of mind

I didn't have a bunch of plans for the first day of summer. Not technically, anyway. Plans developed, however, and here is a list of things I had no idea I'd be doing on the day of the summer solstice:

Going to a Brooklyn Cyclones game, and then chatting with a far-away friend, and then staying up jackass late the night before.
Buying two new pairs of shoes (they were on sale).
Eating a Klondike bar for lunch.
Taking a three hour nap.
Not taking a shower (I really was planning on one).

At this point I'm prepared to call this day a wash, go for an evening run, and then eat some nachos.

*photo from last weekend in Prospect Park, where we saw Junip (okay, but a little boring), and The Books (crazy and hilarious and super cool). I was an especial fan of Free Translator.

**oh, and this. Low covering Toto's Africa. Sometimes things happen, and I think, I wanted this to happen, I just didn't know I wanted this to happen.

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  1. Let's get our own goose calls and make a whole band based around them.

    And let's run every night to Blue Marble Ice Cream, figuring out the exact amount of time we'd have to run to equal out the calories from its heavenly scoops.