Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Beach Day

James said that he wants to spend every weekend at the beach from now on. And I was like, okay.

I'm always sort of fascinated with what people bring to eat at the beach. We (I) brought half a bagel with strawberry cream cheese and 2 chocolate chip cookies. I ate the bagel and gave the cookies to Tyson and James. My main beach memories of childhood involve eating sandy dorritos. As we were leaving the two guys to the right of us were lunching on a bucket of KFC. I thought it seemed too heavy for the beach, but also, simultaneously, wondered if they'd share if I asked.

I didn't, and instead we went to Red Hook (for the food trucks) and ate tacos and mexican corn.

I'm still in the mood to give advice, so here's my beach advice:

1. Arrive early.

2. Don't feel the need to stay all day. Let's get serious. Unless you're a serious surfer or fisherman, no one really wants to be at the beach all day. That's a recipe for sunburns and bad attitudes at the end of the day. Leave when you want to leave, preferably when it starts to get crowded and your style starts to get cramped.

3. Go into the water. Often.

4. On your way home, stop for a frozen treat (see my post about summer heat). Enjoy it while riding with windows down and feeling sand in the seat of your bathing suit.

*photos via Tyson

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