Friday, July 15, 2011

Because It's Technically Still Harry Potter Day

Guess what I did last night. Spoiler Alert: I saw HP7 part 2. And it was awesome.

My parents are in town, but this was a non-negotiable.

I look a little wry here, but that's not because of the movie, but only because it was 2:25 am and we were in the process of waiting (I kid you not) 25 minutes for the F train.

Still, that didn't dampen the evening.


  1. i'm more concerned with the sign behind you:
    The fun is back in Coney Island?
    I would argue that the fun never left.

  2. What if you had taken dad? can you imagine?

  3. Annie, I just went today, and whether it took a break or not, it's there now.

    Silvia, he was fake insulted that we had made plans, but, I could never. I barely wanted James to go. This was a very personal experience.

  4. why do you always get the good HP shirts? I went to try and get one like an hour before the movie and there was nothing...Nothing!! It was also a very personal experience for me, religous really. I wished I was in the theater alone.