Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dandelion Wine

I walked into the Strand bookstore tonight looking for three specific books (I walked out with 7, but that's anther story), one of which was Ray Bradbury's Dandelion Wine. This books holds a secure place in my summer reading royal family. Besides that, it's a classic.

So, I look for it under "b" (for Bradbury, which begins with a "b"). No luck. Then I look under "Modern Classics". Nope. Then I ask the NYU sophomores behind the help counter. As I speak to one, the other one, whom I'll call "ironic dark rimmed glasses" was like, "we probably don't have it".

And I was like, "what?", all aghast.

And ironic dark rimmed glasses was like, "yeah", like "obviously".

This is a place that boasts 18 miles of books, so, you can imagine my surprise at their lack of this giant of classic literature. I mean, it's not like I was asking if they carried my self-published novella (which is called ThunderCat). This is Ray Bradbury, folks.

In any case, I'll find it elsewhere, I'm sure, and I did pick up the other two books I was looking for (Gilead and To Kill a Mockingbird), and a copy of I Capture the Castle at the suggestion of a friend, so, it wasn't a wasted trip.

And, honestly, whether you've read Dandelion Wine or not, or whether or not you believe in summer reading at all, you ought to read this. I like to save my praise for when it's truly deserved, and this is deserved.

*photo via Flickr


  1. I will read this book. I need to clean my mental palette from the debris of the shipwreck of a book most recently recommended to me, One Day. Fail. Fail. Fail.

    I devote myself to reading Cynthia Voight's Tillerman series every single summer. They're middlegrade books that I fell in love with during the Summer of 1995 and I haven't looked back since.

  2. I say, if you don't believe in summer reading then you don't believe in reading at all.

    You have just taken me back to my Summer of Magical Books, which included both Gilead and To Kill a Mockingbird. Also Remains of the Day, East of Eden and Life of Pi. I hit the jackpot that summer.

  3. What the heck? There's usually a copy of Dandelion Wine in every thrift store I peruse, and they didn't have it in STRAND BOOKS?! I don't understand.