Monday, August 1, 2011

7 Year Itch

7 years this month. The . . . 22nd (I always forget if t was the 21st or 22nd. it's the 22nd).

In honor of this massive accomplishment, let's do a month of us. Not you and me, me and James.

Conference Camping 2003. Happy to find ourselves back together after a summer apart (he rainstorm watching in Michigan, me tan and life guarding in California). The height of happiness.

We'd slipped away to chat alone, which is a sure sign of early love. Watch out for that at parties.


  1. Happy month! I feel really good about this idea.

  2. I have read backwards from day 9 and feel I owe it to day 1 to say. Oh man, this is going to be good, I just have a feeling...

  3. That hat is super gay, please inform James.