Sunday, August 14, 2011

Beach: Summer: Weekend

For the record, this is last weekend. This weekend was a whole other story. A whole other story*.


A wave (though, if you look closely, Tyson is inside that crashing wave).


Wave buddies (James's phrase).

*I'm compiling a list of things that bum me out. When someone says something, pauses, and then says it again--that bums me out. This list is getting pretty long. That bums me out too.


  1. I look awesome. I'm the master of the ocean.

  2. I do that pause and repeat thing all the time. I drives Darren crazy. It's leftovers from ny teaching career...and repeating instructions over and over. This explanation somehow makes it worse to Darren. Let's still be friends though.

  3. James, only king triton is the master of the ocean. get some culture.

    Lindsey, for a second I thought you meant your New York (NY) teaching experience, and I was all, no way. Then I got it. We're still friends. Darren needs someone who pushes his buttons. On purpose. It's good for the soul.

  4. so what you really dislike is someone telling you where to place meaningful emphasis. Meaningful emphasis.....meaningful em-pha-sis. Did your head just blow up? blow up?

    I could use one more beach trip this summer. I could use one more big wave. I could use one more big laugh that makes it hard to swim.