Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 18

This was 2003. Fall. Early fall. I'm sure of it, because I remember this photo being taken, and it was the first day of auditions for The Crucible. James had done something to his finger, and for some reason, I had bandaids. Probably for just such an occasion.

Candice took this photo, if I recall, and it's inside Cedar Heights, in the kitchen. It's early fall, it was still sunny outside, auditions had gone well, James was there, and I was so, so happy.

Who knows why this moment of all moments was captured, but, as this photo would go on to become our engagement photo (the one we sent out with invitations), I'm glad it was. I don't even think I considered taking specific photographs for the invitations, as lots of people do. James and I were apart all that summer, and maybe it just wasn't practical. I made a lot of weird decisions in wedding preparation, but this is one of my most favorites, and one I don't regret. I'm sure we would have taken a perfectly nice photograph of us to send out, but I like the authenticity of this one. It's not posed, it's not in a wheat field or on train tracks. It's just us. Being us.

*the engagement photo would be black and white, with the bandaid removed, but the thumbs-up still in place.


  1. I remember getting this picture in the invitation and thinking, "Yep, that's it." Having known you forever and James not at all, that picture sold me on the two of you. Happy Anniversary!

  2. I still have that photo! :D

  3. I think I did take that photo. Man I should have banked on that!

    I love this too. You guys are two of the neatest people I know!