Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 2

This depicts a more complicated time. We were newly engaged, and, I don't know if you can tell here, but I really didn't want to be (I can't help but notice that my left hand is completely hidden--tucked out of sight. I'm sure it was unconscious). I was terrible, terrible at being engaged. I still feel badly about it now, and annoyed that I wasted so much time with indecision, but, you can't really resent feelings, can you?

James was a champ during that whole summer, steady and sure, willing to calm my constant (and totally redundant-- and fairly flimsy) concerns. This may or may not have established a pattern for our marriage.

I was in California for the summer (alone, by the way, Annie was still up at school--I had too much time alone to think [read: obsess], which didn't help matters any) , and I had come to Rexburg to go on a church history tour of Nauvoo with my pal Candice. This photo was taken the morning I left. I remember it was a really lovely day, and the shirt I was wearing belonged to James, until he gave it to me and I cut the neck off. It was a favorite. Oh, and those pants are Annie's (I really loved them, I borrowed them all the time). The flip flops are mine.

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  1. I miss that house. So many crazy memories. By the way, I miss you both too.