Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 3

Halloween 2007, New York City generally; Washington Square Park specifically. We went as the Superfans from SNL. Our friend Aaron dressed up as well, but he wasn't involved in this photo (he does a really spot-on Chris Farley impression, and carried around Wendy's hamburgers all night -- he was a hit).

We had been in the city for a little over a year, making this our 2nd Halloween there. We hadn't dressed up the year before, and James, loving a scene, insisted that this was our year. He was right, this was the most successful Halloween costume I've ever worn.

James was just a year into his program at NYU, and I was working for a publishing company. New York was still new enough to be endlessly fun, but familiar enough not to be totally overwhelming.

Also, we are both wearing mustaches.


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  2. no mention of your friend, annie? pregnant and smoking a cigar? geez...

  3. Sorry. Here it is:

    Also, our friend Annie was there, fairly pregnant, and smoking a (real) cigar. No one asked it it was a costume, and she didn't offer an explanation.