Monday, August 22, 2011

Dream (and paper) Deferred

Sooooooooo, someone got an extention on a hellish Harlem Renissance paper, and someone is totally working on it, and is not procrastinating by posting a blog, but merely taking a well deserved break. Someone.

Onto a related but more concrete topic, I took a walking tour of Harlem with my class for a final field trip last, last Thursday. Truth be told, I've never spent much time in Harlem, and it's pretty great. Whatever your interest in the Harlem Renaissance, there are worse things in the world than wandering around Harlem on the world's most perfect late summer afternoon, through brownstone lined streets, and finishing off the day at Sylvia's, which has a photograph on the wall of Barack Obama and Al Sharpton eating chicken*.

Unfortunately, not a ton remains of the culturally significant places of 1920s Harlem, but the brownstone where Langston Hughes is still there, with this plaque marking it.

*If you want to see the photo, it's here. Along with a bunch of other awesome ones.

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  1. Harlem is the one place I have always wanted to go, but haven't done yet.