Wednesday, August 24, 2011

If Valerie Best Didn't Sleep

My brother was in town this week, and in lieu of entertaining him, I sat at my kitchen table working on a paper and twisting my hair around my fingers. Oh, I did spare some time for eating a bagel when he brought me one.

He's visiting a friend who is leaving the city after living here for a year. To commemorate the big move, they are staying out all night tonight.

When he first told me this, I was like, ugh, that sounds awful. Because I get sad and bored when I'm tired.

But I keep thinking about what I would do all night long. And I've come up with a plan, just in case:

1. First, I'd go shopping. Fishs Eddy, Sephora, Books of Wonder. I wouldn't buy anything, because I don't want to carry anything around. I'd do this until everything closes at 9, then I'd go to Strand until it closes at 10:30.

2. I'd grab a snack at the Whole Foods in Union Square, and then head to the movies; the latest one I could find is Captain America at 11:00.

3. I'd get out of the movies at, what, like 1:30ish, and then hop on the L to Williamsburg. I'd get to Barcade at about 2:00, where I'd brush up on my Ms. PacMan skills and dominate on Tetris, and suck down seltzer with lime until 4 in the morning.

4. I'd head back to Manhattan to the Lower East Side Coffee Shop, where I'd eat pancakes (studiously ignoring the fact that they are listed on the menu as "Aunt Jemima Pancakes").

5. I'd order and eat slowly, and head out about 5:30, at which point I'd stumble down to lower Manhattan and walk across the Brooklyn Bridge back home.

This actually doesn't sound so bad. I mean, I'd totally rather be asleep, but, for a night out, I've constructed one that only involves only one bar and NO clubs. That's a recipe for success.

*also, while my brother was here, we made the most obvious of scientific discoveries: adding bacon and caramelized onions (sauteed in bacon fat, btw) to anything makes it better. In this case, it was hot dogs.

**photo via here.

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  1. I wonder what I would do. I like the idea of a movie, maybe back-to-back movies. I'd probably find a 3am diner and then find a nice spot to watch the sunrise since that seems like something people like to do.